About me

I am a 34 year old management consultant living in London. When I’m not spending my time as a go-getting career woman, or navigating the perils of postdigital dating, I’m doing my other job as a professional breast cancer patient. I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 having inherited the BRCA genetic defect from my mother who taught me everything I need to know about how to live magnificently in spite of cancer. I am a decidedly amateur writer, but have become a reluctant expert in breast cancer and how it affects young women like me.

“Me and my kryptonite: an A-Z from the front line” is the first section of my blog, and is an anthology of anecdote, insights and reflections based on my own experience. It is a substitute for the opinionated discussions I would be having if I wasn’t out of social circulation, and is simply intended to provide an honest and open “guide” for anyone who wants to understand more.

It is published from 1st October in line with Breast Cancer Awareness month, and when we eventually arrive at ‘Z’ the blog will move on to cheerier and more frivolous climes.

A note on ‘Unwritten’

‘Unwritten’ refers to my unfortunate tendency to think and talk a lot about my ideas without necessarily following through on the execution. I am the queen of the grand scheme, and so this blog has been oft discussed without a lot of pen being put to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

On a cheesier level, it reflects my unstinting belief that we are all the authors of our own narrative – be it fairytale or farce, whatever plot complications life happens to present us with, we get to decide how our inner hero will prevail. The next chapter is always unwritten, and therein lies its beauty.